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Becoming a Victim to Being “Practical”: Battling Parental Expectations of Majors and Careers

Are you being too practical? Check out what our intern Nouran has to say about this ever-so-relatable topic.

If your relationship doesn’t keep you right with God, you’re in the wrong relationship. - (via southerngirl4christ)
You are not your mistakes. You are your successes and achievements <3


Day 54: Your definition of love.

Love is all about acceptance. It starts from within. It starts from those who are closest to you than the jugular veins. Once we accept by the acts of learning, understanding and communicating, we respect. Once we respect, we compromise, we appreciate and we give and get. Pure love will not be achieved unless it is paired along with sincerity and dedication :)

Ladies, lower your gaze. Nick Dean’s on stage.

Habeeba Husain talks: You’ve Got Game…Why not show it?

Being modest is great, but when it comes to finding a job and rising to the top, you might just want to change that strategy. Listen to what our newest intern Habeeba Husain has to say on this topic!


#subhannallah beautiful sunset
MG True Life: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (My Michael Bublé-Inspired Relationship Post)

A post about something we all wonder about “the one.” Have you met him yet? Check out what our intern Nouran says about it!